Gilgamesh Introducing the Hidden Treasure of Iranian Tourism

Gilgamesh held ‘Abarkuh: an Introduction to Tourist Attractions’ seminar, in cooperation with Tehran Tourist Guides Association. 
Following its slogan “From the Backwoods to the Well-Travelled Road” Gilgamesh aims to deal with entire aspects of heritage and tourism, from lesser-known topics to the most famous issues, from traditional to modern. Therefore, the international magazine has been focusing on the town of Abarkuh, as a hidden treasure of Iranian tourism. The town is located on one side of Iranian golden triangle of tourism, goes Isfahan, Yazd, and Shiraz. 
A group of researchers dispatched by Gilgamesh has been covering the town’s attractions, which promoted in the event in which the parliament member from the town, the governor and locals took part, along with several tourism activists and the Gilgamesh team. The attractions like 4K years old cypress, monuments and local houses, special cuisines, unique handicrafts alongside hospitable locals that preserve ancient traditions have been presented during the seminar. It is also worth mentioning that Gilgamesh will go through several amazing attractions of Abarkuh in the upcoming Spring issue 2018.
The event was held on February 13, 2018, at Cultural Heritage, Handicrafts and Tourism Organization of Iran.

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