۱۰۰ Reasons to Visit Iran

The book “100 Reasons to Visit Iran” has been compiled by Research Team of Gilgamesh and is ready to be published.

As Public Relations of Gilgamesh reported, this book is the first volume of books going to introduce 100 reasons for traveling to Iran in a well-defined framework.

This book is intended to present tangible, intangible and natural heritages of Iran to people all over the world.

It was tried to cover attractions in all provinces in Iran; besides, writers and photographers from different parts of the country have worked together to prepare this book.

Beside scientific references, using related photos to the text which are mostly unique, make this book interesting.

Gilgamesh group aimed to pave the way for introducing Iran and hospitable Iranians by publishing “100 Reasons to Visit Iran” and explore more out of its cultural layers.

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