Iran From Fable to Fact

Arash Nooraghayee, the Publisher, announced that on the occasion of World Tourism Day; the autumn issue of Gilgamesh International will be available to the public. This tree-free magazine which is printed on stone paper will cover Iran: from fable to fact. There is a newly added feature to this issue of the magazine which is that by downloading the Gilgamesh app from this website and launching it, whenever the “augmented reality” AR+ sign is seen, you can scan the photo with your mobile and watch the appropriate video see additional information presented in a stimulating way.

In support of UNWTO’s campaign of Travel Enjoy Respect, in the framework of the International Year on Sustainable Tourism for Development, 2017, Gilgamesh Magazine has donated its back cover to bring this message to the world in addition to bringing attention to the Asiatic Cheetah which is an endangered species that we need to protect. The autumn issue of Gilgamesh International has the Persian Lion on the front cover showing the history of this majestic animal in Iran’s culture and heritage. The lion on the cover and the Asiatic cheetah on the back are two beauties looking at each other; one is only alive in our fables and imagination and the other is a fact and needs our support.

The autumn issue will explore Iran under its nine chapters of Geography, Iranology, Lifestyle, Graball, Art, Mythology, Environment, Study, and History. You can read about Iran’s diversity of nature and climate, and how you can swim in the ocean and ski in the same country on the same day. It will discuss how the bride of the desert, the city of Yazd, caught the eye of UNESCO to be registered as the 22nd site of World Heritage in Iran. The world-famous artist, Parviz Tanavoli, and his work on the Lion and its significance in Persian culture will be a great read. The mythology surrounding the cypress tree will be described and how in the west, it was replaced by the pine tree for winter celebrations. Perhaps one of the most famous things about Iran besides the Persian carpet is the Persian cat; in an article about it, you will learn about all the different exotic wild cats of Iran. Bird watching and stargazing are nature activities where Iran is a great destination and could be a great excuse to visit this beautiful country.

Gilgamesh magazine is printed on tree-free stone paper using no water. It is the first environmentally friendly publication in Iran with low GHG emissions. It will be an invaluable reference to learn about different cultural aspects of Iran and the surrounding world. To obtain your copy, please contact our office.

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