New Tree-Free Heritage and Travel Magazine: “GILGAMESH”

Arash Nooraghayee, the Publisher, announced the July 2017 launch of the new ‘Tree-free’ English language quarterly magazine, Gilgamesh.  Just like the hero who was the first traveler from the ancient epic poem of the same name, it will take its readers on a quest to arrive at transcendence. It covers Cultural Heritage and Tourism through sections discussing Geography, Lifestyle, Art, Mythology, Environment, History, etc. 

The summer issue of Gilgamesh covers Sustainable Development from different angles. The coverage includes the UNESCO registered natural heritage of Iran which has been registered by NASA to be the hottest spot on Earth; the Lut desert, and the Hyricanian forests which are the only humid forests in Iran and have unique ecological properties which will be registered by UNESCO as a natural heritage site in the near future.  From the handiworks of the nomadic tribal women and the entrepreneurial co-operatives set up by women of Qeshm Island, Sustainable Development is alive and thriving in different parts of Iran.  The message of protecting and respecting the environment is also mirrored in the Environment Art work of Ahmad Nadalian whose works are described in the Art section.  Another fascinating article is about the Italian perfumer, Lorenzo Villoresi who was inspired to formulate two perfumes, Alamut and Neyshapur, celebrating and evoking the legends of the four seasoned land of Iran and its ancient civilization, arts, and literature.

Gilgamesh magazine is printed on tree-free stone paper using no water. It is the first environmentally friendly publication in Iran with low GHG emissions. It will be an invaluable reference to learn about different cultural aspects of Iran and the surrounding world.  To obtain your copy, please contact our office.

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