The Best Christmas Present

One of our new fans in California has sent this heartwarming letter. We hope you enjoy it as much as we did!

My name is Shadi and I reside in California.  During my recent trip to Tehran in April, I learned that my dear friend Talieh and a team of dedicated individuals have been immensely investing in putting together a quality magazine, Gilgamesh, which elaborates on highlights of my dear country, Iran! As an Iranian-American in the diaspora, I thrive to get access to any piece of news and information that rightfully portrays the amazing resources in my country and I specifically enjoy educating my non-Iranian friends and encounters.  Knowing the amount of work and devotion this team has been putting into collecting information in order to educate the world; I have been impatiently waiting to learn how to access Gilgamesh Magazine here in the US.  To my pleasant surprise, Talieh told me that I can now order it on Amazon.Com!! My first reaction, of course, was a moment of shock and a glow of excitement in my eyes with disbelief!! I got online, ordered the Gilgamesh Magazine on Amazon (which was decently priced), and now 5 days later in my apartment far from my mother land I have this truly professionally written magazine in my hands which arrived in perfect shape!!

Now if you guessed that I will get Gilgamesh for my friends and family as Christmas and birthday gifts, you have guessed it right!

Thank you, Gilgamesh for your contribution to informing the world on what to expect when traveling to Iran! Now, this is what I call quality work.

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