• Iran: The Land of Four Seasons

    Iran: The Land of Four Seasons

    Iran has a unique and outstanding ecosystem and climatic condition in the world which makes it a special tourism destination as well as a source of scientific and geographical studies.

  • On the Road in Iran: A Quick Glance at Hidden Gems

    On the Road in Iran: A Quick Glance at Hidden Gems

    What do you recall when you hear the name “Iran” or “Persia”? At first, the names may conjure up images of colorful Persian rugs, adorable Persian cats, or even seductive Persian eyes. If the readers are a bit familiar with the history and culture of the Near East, they might think of cities such as Shiraz or Isfahan, and historical attractions like Persepolis and Pasargad (tomb of Cyrus the Great, founder of the Achaemenid dynasty). While the above mentioned are commonly associated with Iran, the main goal of this article is to focus on some of the lesser known attractions of Iran.

  • Here's The Dish: Give Your Taste Buds a Persian Adventure?

    Here's The Dish: Give Your Taste Buds a Persian Adventure?

    A four-season country with a variety of cuisines that is second to none is still very much underestimated when it comes to food. Tourists are yet leaving Iran without a clear understanding of Persian gastronomy or any idea of all the ingredients unique to this part of the world. The concept of food tourism in Iran is still going through its early days.

  • An Invitationton to Meet the Bride of the Dessert

    An Invitationton to Meet the Bride of the Dessert

    On the first day of traveling to Yazd, stay in the city and enjoy the unique historical atmosphere of this charming bride of the desert. Preferably, spend the night in one of many charming hotels like Dad Hotel or the many old houses renovated to host guests like the Laleh Hotel or Moshir al-Mamalek Garden Hotel.

  • The Lions and Their Tamer

    The Lions and Their Tamer

    In every human heart, there exists a lion. In some, this inner lion is sleeping and won’t be awaken, but in others the lion is wide awake and alert and leads the heart to the journey of love. In fact, all around the world, it is believed that this love and quest is clenched between the lion’s teeth. It’s where growth and flourishing happens and the truth is born. Parviz Tanavoli is undoubtedly one of those whose inner lion is awake and roams the endless plains of art, passing through the darkest and most insecure situations and has achieved great mastery. He has dug his hand in Iran’s earth and pulled out beauty and significance out of its depth. He is the one who has travelled to the mountains and plains and preserved mythology. A presentation of his many various works on Persian lions and their historical influence in the art of Iran made me want to share a quick preview of this legendary creature and its artist tamer!

  • Symbol of Iranian Identity

    Symbol of Iranian Identity

    Believing in the sanctity of tree-caused people to attribute different characteristic to trees, like the power to cause rain, to make the sun shine, to multiply the herds and to help women become more fertile. The most important outcome of such belief is the rise of tree’s position in the Iranian culture. Even now, in villages of Iran, people still tie small fabrics to the tree’s branches hoping their wishes come true.

  • Green Economy

    Green Economy

    During the last two decades, the destruction of our environment threatens the continued existence of life on Earth.

  • Role of Women in Sustainability
  • Pottery's Evolution

    Pottery's Evolution

    In addition to playing childish games in its dusty warm streets, Khuzestan (province) had us playing on hills that we later realized had cultural value. Given our young age, we didn’t know that these hills and a lot of pottery pieces at our feet belonged to ancient times.