Iran Tourism Stories

“Iran Tourism Stories” book has published by the Ministry of cultural heritage, tourism and handicrafts of IRR with the kind support of the UNWTO.
It’s dedicated to the entrepreneurs who are the true leaders of the tourism industry of Iran.
The 14 stories in the book offer a kaleidoscope of Iran’s history and traditions that have inspired many of the storytellers.
Every story is a first-person account of tourism’s transformative power and the opportunity it can generate for people and communities.
They reveal how collaboration has made communities stronger and laid grounds for the sustainable future of tourism ventures.

On the other hand, this book is a collection of real-life stories of Iranians who could make their dreams come true when hospitality, diversity & authenticity are all the best which explain Iran.

In one of the stories, you can find the story of “GILGAMESH” Magazine which the name is coming from the epic poem written in Akkadian during the late 2nd millennium. About the similarity, we can say the context and framework of both Gilgamesh epic & magazine are based on natural and cultural heritage.

And as goes on pages 56-59, Gilgamesh Magazine promoting tourism, engraved on stone, aims to transfer the rich tangible & intangible assets of Iran’s ancient civilization to future generations through generating and disseminating original content in both Persian and English languages.
Gilgamesh Magazine provides qualified content in terms of novelty as a model for the creation of a sustainable institution that values teamwork, innovation, and professionalism, supported by volunteers.
The Magazine’s slogan is “from the backwoods to the well-traveled roads”.

Arash Nooraghayee, the publisher and CEO of magazine believes in Gilgamesh as a traveler to gain consciousness to search for perfection.
He says: “Gilgamesh Magazine is printed on stone paper to tackle deforestation, joining to “Save Water Save Energy” campaign and distributing by bicycle when possible as our social responsibilities.”
He continues: “We aim to engrave a new version of Gilgamesh’s story on stone, bring it to life and make it last forever…”

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It’s also available on the website globally, both in print & kindle editions.

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