“100 of Iran’s Heritages”

The book “100 of Iran’s Heritages” has been recently released as the first version of the ten-volume collection “Iran 1001”. The book, which is appeared in the Persian language, is written by a group of authors in the form of a research project at Gilgamesh Tourism and Cultural Heritage magazine.

The Agar Publication released the 250-page book, which includes tangible cultural heritage like castles, chapels, cemeteries, museums and intangible heritage including rituals, lifestyle, costumes, and handicrafts. The natural heritage like natural phenomena, plants, animals and some villages are included in the book.

The “Iran 1001” aims to introduce 1001 reasons for traveling Iran to the curious travelers. It is a collection including heritage, travel routes, cuisines, drinks, and architecture. The project is considered a welcoming ceremony on the threshold of the beginning of the new Persian calendar ceremony (15th century” to reveal untold parts of Persian history, culture, and art.

The English version of the collection will be released soon.

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