“100 of Iran’s Heritages”, is coming soon

The vast land of Iran is home to one of the world’s oldest civilizations. Its history from ancient Persia to modern Iran, from famous Achaemenid kingdom to Islamic eras has much to tell to history enthusiasts.

We made it our mission to show different aspects of Iran to the world. We have tried our best to respond to whosoever askes “#Why Iran?” ‌

This book, “100 of Iran’s Heritages”, is the first collection of a ten-volume work, “Iran 1001”. It focuses on Iran’s heritage and introduces one hundred different types of heritages including tangible, intangible and natural. ‌

We hold out hope to continue the mission by working on some other topics like travel routes and cuisines of Iran.

In “Iran 1001” project, we have made every effort to display our love for our country by introducing its attractions to the world in the hope of triggering people’s passion and curiosity to travel to Iran.

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