Autumn Issue 2018

Autumn Issue 2018

The fully-illustrated autumn 2018 issue of Gilgamesh magazine accompanies travellers along the Silk Road in an article in the Geography section of the magazine, which will leave the reader mesmerised by the Geoheritage of this ancient trade route, part of which passes through Iran.        

In the Iranology section, you can enjoy ‘A Journey through the National Museum of Iran’ and take a look at Persian history through the window of this museum.

The Lifestyle section illustrates a green slice of life that takes the reader on a walk through the open-air Guilan Rural Heritage Museum in northern Iran.

The Graball section includes a guide to some of the Persian masterworks that are held by the world’s greatest museums.

Enjoy the Western masterpieces on view at the Tehran Museum of Contemporary Art and the exquisite, centuries-old treasures held at the National Jewellery Museum of Iran in the Arts section of the magazine.

The Mythology section is dedicated to Anahita, the sacred goddess of streams in Persia, and similar deities from other civilisations.

The beautiful Turkoman Horse, which is a central part of Turkmen culture and daily life, is fully described in the Environment section.

The Study section elaborates on Tehran’s Azadi Tower as a symbol of modernity in Iran’s capital. The beauty of Persian poetry and its impact on the everyday lives of Iranians is another subject covered in this section.

The history of Chehel Sotoun, a grand palace and museum in Isfahan, is in limelight in the History section of this issue.

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