Winter Issue 2018

Winter Issue 2018

A journey to marvelous aspects of divinity in the land of Persia with Gilgamesh Winter 2018 issue. Focusing on a specific theme at every single season, Gilgamesh Quarterly Magazine stands for Iranian heritage and tourism, by means of articles and photographs from credible professionals along with infographics and augmented reality. As the first eco-friendly magazine of its kind, the pages are composed of stone papers for which no tree is cut and no water is wasted.
The fully illustrated Gilgamesh winter issue 2018 goes with several travel stories containing the story of a Persian travel writer two centuries before Marco Polo, an attractively described trip to Qeshm Island, which is called the “Dolphin of the Persian Gulf” and a trip to Meymand: still living hand-carved village from ten some millennia ago. A German Iranian who walked 14 countries to visit Iran, along with a creative fashion to carry his outfit; and a single street in Tehran that is the meeting point of different religions.
Phenomenal articles take the reader through the relation between religions and script writing, as well as looking to a countrywide religious ritual called ‘Tazieh’. Abolghasem Esmailpour, a professor of mythology provides an outlook to ancient Persian myths, while Sherwin Vakili offers a comprehensive study of beliefs in Persia. The publisher himself gives a detailed look to Mosques, as houses of God and finally, the lesser-known baptizing religion of Mandaeism along with its origin and traditions is introduced.
All along several other fascinating essays, composed through a lot of travels for survey and imaging, a multitude of topics and league of professionals.

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