Spring Issue 2018

Spring Issue 2018

The Persian renaissance is the upcoming title of the international Gilgamesh quarterly magazine.
The Persian New Year is accompanied by Nowruz ceremony, which is not limited only to Iran’s geographical borders.
Nowruz ceremony has attracted all Persia lovers and tourists from all around the world.
The fourth issue of international Gilgamesh covers the revolution of spring in Persia and its cultural region.
It explores the historical and cultural aspects of Nowruz alongside its ancient ceremonies in 9 parts.
The geography part is dedicated to stunning beauties of Kurdistan & the renowned Pir Shaliar ceremony.
The Iranology part describes the historical features of Nowruz in detail alongside the customs & ceremonies developed throughout the history.
The Lifestyle part focuses on Baluch wedding ceremonies, which are usually held in spring.
The Graball part depicts a vivid picture of Nowruz festival in neighboring countries such as Afganistan & Tajikistan.
The Art part takes us on a journey to Abarkooh & has a look at the crafts of the city such as Esfand Abad carpet, Chanteh & Named(felt).
In this part, there’s also an article featuring the wonders of Stockholm subway, famous for having the longest art gallery in the world.
The mythical story of Jamshid & Jam, the appearance, and decline of Nowruz throughout the history are also discussed and analyzed in mythology part of the magazine.
In the Environment and eco-system part, the condition of the Caspian Sea and its seals are explored, and the other article we focus on two desert regions and jungles of Iran to familiarize our readers with local plants of these areas.
It is also worth mentioning that the Final part is dedicated to history, where we discuss the origins of the renowned customs of Persians in Nowruz, in this issue and Bar is an audience ceremony with the king.

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