Beyond Flakes

An Unexpected Snow Adventure

Author: Ali Bayzaie/ Photo by: Sanaz Alvandi

It is a sunny spring day in Tehran and the Nowruz (new year) atmosphere is tangible. I turn over lazily in my bed and glance out the window. The snow-covered peaks of the majestic Alborz mountain range are an inviting scene for a ski buff such as myself. It feels pleasantly weird to live in a metropolitan capital city and be able to simply throw your gear in the boot of your car and, within one hour, be on perfect snow on the slopes. This feeling is even better when you have the chance to ski for a whole month every spring.

I get on the highway heading east before taking a road that winds through the foothills before leading into the heart of the mountains. The Alborz mountain range is divided in to three sections: the western, central and eastern sections. Tehran’s ski resorts are located in the centre of the central section, the highest part of the range. However, its topographic structure is similar to the western Alborz. Belonging to the current, Quaternary period, the mountains haven’t been subject to much erosion and are thus subject to a high snowfall rate. The combination of this amount of snowfall with the dry and sunny climate of central Iran creates the ideal conditions for skiing – dry powder snow and clear, sunny days…

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