Spring Issue 2019


The spring is on the way and the Gilgamesh celebrates the nature’s time for renewal with theme of ‘transformation’ focusing on transformation of subcultures in the recent issue.

In Geography section, you witness an unexpected snow venture in Iran’s famous ski resorts.

The stones across the country tell their tales, which mingle with folk narration through centuries astonish you in the same section.

The Iranology section introduces Ghaleh Rudkhan, a gigantic structure among greenery of Caspian Hyrcanian forest as well as Red gold online! An Iranian startup offering saffron with a new perspective.

You can find out about evolution of Iranian clothing before Islam, a tasty journey with Kabuli Polo in Lifestyle section.

Grabal section reports on tourisme events in Iran during past season ICOFOM conference in Tehran and UNWTO in Hamedan seminar in this section.

The prominent Iranian painter Iran Darroudi and its fantastic paintings are depicted in the Art section of the magazine which include the vibrant garden of patterns in Persian carpet and learn about its pattern in Art section of the magazine.

Metamorphosis in Persian myth is the issue, which is discussed in Mythology section of the magazine.

The plant-watching tour in Iran and Gando Iranian marsh crocodile mesmerize you in Environment section.

The Study section mulls over the traditional bathhouse through history and in the History section, traces of feminine identity in Elamite is highlighted.


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