Gilgamesh appears on Kindle!

Gilgamesh appears on Kindle
The English version of Gilgamesh cultural heritage and tourism magazine is now available on Kindle. Previously, the enthusiasts could enjoy reading the Gilgamesh magazine on in paperback.
Now the latest edition, 7th Gilgamesh magazine, is available on Kindle for $8 and the previous editions will be available in e-book platform in near future on the website.
The Gilgamesh editorial team hopes that the magazine can have a more influential role in promoting sustainable development of tourism industry and introducing Iranian cultural heritage to the world via new digital technologies.
Amazon has introduced Kindle apps for use on various devices and platforms, including Microsoft Windows, macOS, Android, iOS, BlackBerry 10 and Windows Phone. Amazon also has a cloud reader to allow users to read e-books using modern web browsers.

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