Gilgamesh Family

Translator: Maryam Javahernia

Gilgamesh Magazine named after the first historical and mythological traveller, who traveled to seek immortality and reached perfection on his way. The Epic of Gilgamesh is one of the world’s first literal texts inscribed on the clay tablets. Most of the historical figures acquire wisdom during their journeys. As a sage -spiritual teacher- and hero-like traveller, he purifies his body and soul by embarking on a journey. 

Travelling stands between dreaming and memory and Iran is rich in natural and cultural attractions to visit, make a journey and build a memory. However, Iran is not only rich in natural and cultural attractions. History, art, culture, language and several ethnic groups are shaping Iran as a colorful rainbow. Gilgamesh Magazine introduces tourism, cultural heritage and environment of Iran to those- domestic and foreign people interested in.

The Farsi edition of Gilgamesh magazine focuses more on introducing new concepts in tourism and travelling rather than simply introducing destination; therefore, most sections of the magazine cover the introduction, translation, and localization of new concepts by experts in the tourism industry. Thus, 30 percent of the magazine highlights the unsaid and focuses on lesser-known attractions. Creativity and a new view have been represented in all the pages of the magazine- the Farsi edition-, which consists of nine sections, Chaharrah, Rahgoo, Rahyaft, Rahnameh, Rahavard, Hamrah, and Rooberah.   

While the English edition of Gilgamesh Magazine by introducing natural and historical attractions and cultural and world heritage sites in Iran to the world goes the other way. 70 percent of the articles, on Iran, which are written by archeologists, historians, experts and domestic and foreign tourist guides, published in the magazine, consisting of various sections which are geography, Iranology, lifestyle, graball( grab+all), art, mythology, environment, study and history, focus on introducing Iran.

The English and Farsi Editions of the magazine have basic differences in content because of which different dimensions and graphics are used.  

Development of these two paved the way for Teen Gilgamesh; teens who shape the future of tourism industry of Iran. The result of paving future was the special edition of Teen Gilgamesh, which focuses on tourism, cultural heritage, handicrafts, and environment, presented in a language teenagers are familiar with.  

Although Gilgamesh as a semi-god character did not become immortal mythologically, clay tablets, which tell his story, have been remained until now. Now, a new story has been written on the stone paper which is introduced to all those interested in Iran to become immortal.  

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