Gilgamesh Went to Sharif University of Technology

Gilgamesh has proudly conducted The Unveiling Ceremony, presenting its International Winter Issue 2018, Persian Winter Issue together with Teen Special Issue 1396.

The event started right at 14:07, emphasizing the value of time and punctuality as a cultural slogan. The magazine’s head Arash Nooraghayee welcomed the attendees, briefly introducing Gilgamesh volumes and the magazine’s objectives.

On behalf of Persian issue’s editorial board, Paria Parsa along with Sara Assadi and Homeyra Mohebali the international and teen issue’s chief editors presented each of brand new volumes and the contents.

Pejman Norouzi hosted the event, while Pooyan Moghadam lectured about the game in travelling. Traditional storytelling also performed with the epic theme from Shahnameh.

To the date, Gilgamesh published 3 international volumes, in addition to 7 Persian volumes and recently a teen special issue.

The unveiling ceremony was held on February 18, 2018, at Sharif University of Technology.

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