Where Birds Matter

The Pleasure of Birdwatching in the Neighbourhood of Tehran

Author: Ali Alieslam/ Photo by: Ali Alieslam

The air belongs to birds, although they are also masters of the land and sea. No other group of animals ventures so high in the air, makes its home on every land mass and dives to such great depths below the water.

Birds have fascinated us as far back in history as we can explore. Descended from reptiles that developed the ability to fly, birds are among the most mobile of animals. Early humans painted them on cave walls and etched them on rocks; Egyptians created inlaid images of ibises, geese and eagles on the walls of their pharaohs’ tombs and Persians depicted them in the epic ‘miniature art’, showing nightingales and roses, either in the most beautiful wall paintings in Isfahan or in the leaves of poetry books, including the Divan of Hafez!

Anyone can study the wonders of birds, from backyard birdwatchers to university scientists. The more we learn, the more fascinating birds become. Imagine over 10,000 different species living in a wide range of habitats, exhibiting diverse plumage of every colour, with dazzling arrays of patterns and lifestyle. 

Iran is an exceptional destination situated in the heart of the Western and Central Asian Palearctic region. Home to more than 550 different species of birds, including more than 50 endangered or critically endangered species, no other country in the Middle East or West Asia can approach its diversity…

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