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Yana talks about Iran

Our friend Yana from Bulgaria sent this piece after visiting Iran:

Now, Iran feels like home to me after 2 visits. I want to keep coming back to discover more and more. I want to visit the desert and to emerge in its beauty. I want to visit the nomad tribes and learn about more about their culture.

What I love the most about Iran are the people. So warmhearted and open. I love Tehran as you can always find a hidden gem – a beautiful garden in the middle of the buzzing city, art gallery, and trendy coffee shop. I love to try different foods and mindfully emerge in the bouquet of tastes. I love Kashan from first sight. I was mesmerized by the beauty and humble nobility. It makes me feel like I live in a fairytale being a Persian princess. I love Shiraz as it has a special vibe. It has its own way to appreciate all aspects of slow living and to indulge your senses in traditional food, colorful lights, magnificent buildings and great Persian poetry.

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