• Geotourism, Geoparks & Sustainable Development

    Geotourism, Geoparks & Sustainable Development

    Sustainable development, as a broad definition, is the supplier of the current generation’s requirements without damaging the resources needed for current and future generations. Certainly, forests and vegetation play an important role in this regard. Sustainability pays special attention to the protection of Earth, and as a result its vegetation. Because forests are the main producers of oxygen in the atmosphere and are essential for the survival of living creatures on Earth, the concept of sustainable forests has become a center of attention in recent years.

  • The History of Civilization in the Land of Lut

    The History of Civilization in the Land of Lut

    Due to its geographical location, the Lut desert has two sectors: habitable and uninhabitable. Due to the harsh and limited weather conditions, as well as rugged natural features, the inner regions of Lut have always been devoid of mankind’s presence and residence. However, the outskirts of Lut rely on the surrounding heights’ water resources and are therefore considered among the oldest human settlements.

  • Migration, the living way of Iranian ASAYER

    Migration, the living way of Iranian ASAYER

    Bakhtiaris are the other large and famous tribal confederacies in Iran. They speak a type of Lori dialect and live in towns, villages and nomadic territories of the central parts of the lofty Zagros mountain range; Chahar Mahal-o-Bakhtiari, Khuzestan, Lorestan and Isfahan province.

  • Lapui Town, Practical Example of Sustainable Development

    Lapui Town, Practical Example of Sustainable Development

    Although Sustainable Development is not a new concept, recent interests have grown in the area. It directs us as to how we should change the process of systems we live in to increase the quality of life and is discussed at universities and conferences and mentioned in scientific articles.

  • Art and Environment, Introducing Ahmad Nadalian

    Art and Environment, Introducing Ahmad Nadalian

    Environmental Art is a developing movement in Iran that is mostly followed by the younger generation. Even though, occasionally, economic, political, social and religious issues are illustrated in their works, these artists concentrate for the most part on urgent environmental issues. 

  • Epic of Gilgamesh, The first traveler in history
  • Green Economy

    Green Economy

    During the last two decades, the destruction of our environment threatens the continued existence of life on Earth.

  • Role of Women in Sustainability
  • Pottery's Evolution

    Pottery's Evolution

    In addition to playing childish games in its dusty warm streets, Khuzestan (province) had us playing on hills that we later realized had cultural value. Given our young age, we didn’t know that these hills and a lot of pottery pieces at our feet belonged to ancient times.